Saturday, October 19, 2013

talk about a happy little surprise!

This month Rebekah from A Bit of Sunshine decided to add an optional theme to her monthly ten on ten challenge, and I thought it was a pretty amazing idea.  I have participated in the photo project for three years now, never missing a month.  So, needless to say, I feel like I could use a little extra push to find the beauty in everyday things.  In addition to a theme, Rebekah had offered a prize for the winner of the challenge, a free canvas from  

On Friday my Everly and I were about to get on a plane when I decided to check my instagram one last time before shutting down my phone, only to find a very happy little tag on my account!  I won the challenge!  Seriously, made my day.  I had had what was less than a beautiful week.  It started with the 24 hour flu, and ended with some serious field trip drama [don't ever try to organize 40 chaperones to drive students to camp three hours away, it seriously will kill you, and no, it wasn't my idea, because a while back they invented this thing called a school bus, just saying]. 

So, back to my point!  Thanks to Rebekah and for this contest, it really made my weekend.  Here's the photo that won:

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