Sunday, August 10, 2014

ten on ten [8.10.14]

today I spent the tenth of August the only way I know how
in my classroom
and sure it was Sunday
but hey, that's what a busy teaching mama has to do sometimes
here's a look of my day
1. post "getting dressed" tantrum, seriously, this kid never wants to wear clothes.  please let this be a phase, and a quick one.  2. we all have our collections.  3. new pocket charts for our classroom libraries, time consuming, but loving them.  4. stock pile of comp books.  5.  touch of sugar.  touch of pyrex.  6. supplies, still needing some attention.  7. mommy's best helper, and she officially calls me mommy, no longer just mom.  we're past the formal stage of our relationship.  8. one of my proudest succulents, it started out as just one.  9. we live vintage pretty completely.  10. someone snagged this bottle her grammie found with Auntie Meg's name on it, now she just carries it around.

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  1. I loved all of these photos! Best Ten on Ten post I have seen so far!