Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ten on ten [2.10.15]

today was a challenge from start to end
everything from a tough parent email
[please think before sending that angry email because your kid failed a test, it may not be COMPLETELY the fault of the teacher, ok, rant over]
to coming home to a toddler who hasn't napped
but has successfully peed over everything on her bed
while her dad frantically tried to find the box of diapers we just bought in the garage
and through all of that, I tried to find some beauty
and here's what I saw...
 1. post lunch good-byes - I'm so blessed this little girl knows the bell ringing means it is time to go, making our 30 minutes together so sweet  2. drafting memoirs  3. come back from a LONG parent conference to find my students had stacked supplies three items high during pack up today, and thankfully, all the fragile contents were still intact when I returned  4. no nap for dad = nap for mom, correction, nap on mom, from most of 4-7, productivity can wait  5. not using my free minutes of daylight at home to tend to this, maybe tomorrow  6. decorating with my baby is my favorite  7. Tiny Tom's for a tiny babe  8. these two are ready for Valentine's day I think  9. Everly got a backpack just like mommy thanks to her Grandma & Grandpa  10. special Valentine's delivery, homemade cookies from Grandma

Happy tenth everyone - see other sets here!

here's my favorite shot from one year ago today:
click on the photo to see my photos from February 2014

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