Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Places to Eat - Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company [Disneyland]

Some things just scream vacation.  For me, vacation equals trying to eat ice cream daily, and that's a good goal if you ask me.  I have a severe soft spot for soft serve, and Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company in California Adventure does not disappoint.  In fact, buying a large swirl before getting into line for Toy Story Mania is a new tradition around here.  So much so that when we told Everly we were going on Toy Story Mania she quickly responded with, "ice cream time?". Yes Everly, its' ice cream time!
This trip we made our way to Toy Story Mania with our cone in hand, just to find that the ride was temporarily shut down. However, patience is truly a virtue. Instead of leaving, we hung around, snapped a few photos, and found ourselves in a nice short line as they reopened the attraction.  And really, who minds waiting when you are cooling off with a cone?

Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company
Where: Disneyland's California Adventure
Offers: Cups, Cones, and always ask for the 'large' swirl, just my opinion.  No sprinkles options :(
Annual Passholder Discount: NO

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