Thursday, July 2, 2015

princess perfection

Just a few months ago, people were waiting 2+ hours to meet Anna and Elsa.  But thankfully, Disney figured out a way to make everyone's day a little more magical, FastPasses for Frozen Princesses. These two gals can now be seen in California Adventure inside the Animation Building, no longer in Fantasyland.  Just outside the main doors of the Animation Building you can use your park tickets to retrieve a FastPass to come back at a later time.  Because we returned right at the beginning of our FastPass time window, the line was pretty long.  All in all, I believe we waited about 30 minutes to meet the sisters, still not too shabby.  The best part is they have the line in the middle of the Animation Building where you can enjoy watching giant screens projecting clips of your favorite Disney films set to music, oh, and there is AIR CONDITIONING!

Once it is your turn, you are brought into a room with the two princess where you have about five minutes to talk with them and take photos.  Everly was pretty excited to show them her Frozen dress, and she for the very first time, let me put her down while meeting a princess.  She didn't talk much, but would nod her head when they asked her questions.

They tried so hard to get her to 'show her teeth' for the photos, but she just wouldn't have it.  It's okay, her little smirk works for me!  Hugs, smiles, and talking about chocolate, she was in heaven.  As soon as we walked away she couldn't stop talking about them.  

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