Thursday, February 25, 2016

our vintage home [everly's bedroom]

Everly's bedroom took on a pretty mature feel when we moved into our new home. The main reason, she now has a dedicated playroom.  Once you take most of the toys out of a little ones bedroom, turns out, it feels quite different.  Which I guess it isn't a bad thing, since this room also doubles as an informal guest room and a place for the family computer.

here it is before we moved in...

ok, maybe there were more than a few reasons why people couldn't see past the "what?!?"  I think 'no staging' would have been the appropriate option here.

Pretty much everything [except for the giant bed] in her room came from her nursery.  We are still even repurposing her crib bumper to layer up this giant bed.  Only the 'hello beautiful' decal is new. And some paint, seriously, that wallpaper needed to go.  

see our kitchen before and afters here.

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