Wednesday, February 24, 2016

our vintage home [kitchen]

Getting to buy a home has something I always knew I would do.  It may have took me a little longer to get here,  but waiting was exactly what we needed to do.  We now own a home we never thought we would be able to buy, and it fits us perfectly.  The kitchen was really the only 'project', and the mr. and I had a pretty similar vision for the space.  With the help of our family and friends, we transformed this kitchen in about a week.  The only professional job was our Corian solid surface counters that are pretty dreamy, if I do say so myself.
here it is before...
We were always shocked that we got our house in the neighborhood that we did, for the price we did, and my mom would always remind me that not everyone could see past this kitchen.  True, I'm glad we saw past it.  And yes, I understand that it may not be every one's style, at least not anymore, but goodness, I swoon over it daily!
Our kitchen may be a tiny typical galley style, but I'm actually loving the functionality of it.  Everything is right where I need it, oh, and it has this thing called a dishwasher.  One that's built in.  Seriously, unless you have experienced a portable dishwasher for 7 years, you just don't get it.  And if you don't have one at all, seriously, it washes the dishes for you.  I get so excited every time I get to run it, which I know may rub off after a bit, but for now, giddiness people, pure giddiness.  

We originally were thinking of painting the cabinets white with a bold counter top, but I'm so glad that we reversed this idea last minute.  The white solid surface with white tile back splash is mixing vintage and modern styles perfectly for me.  

The light in this kitchen is amazing, and may be a tad intense in the summer; I'm hoping the established trees in the backyard will pleasantly surprise me when they come back this spring.  We will see.  Still, light, light, and more light.  So in love with brightness.  I get it from my dad.

Corian counter tops - glacier white with integrated sink [in love]
Mineral Tiles DIY Subway Tiles [but I wouldn't agree that they give a subway tile feel, but I love them for my kitchen, just note that they are tiny]
White Spun Acrylic Pendant [over kitchen table] is from Practical Props and is a reproduction
Saucer style light over the sink is vintage, found at a local antique light shop
Cafe Curtains were made by my mom using fabric we found at Joann's
Pretty much everything else we have collected over the years,  most from thrift stores and our favorite antique spots, like Midway Antique Mall.  

There are definitely some areas that need to be touched up, and some 'first time remodeling a kitchen' mistakes, but overall, I couldn't be happier with the transformation of our cozy vintage kitchen. Bringing this room back to 1955 to match the house felt pretty good.  Eventually, we will tackle the floors as well, currently dreaming of some bold tile choices in the meantime.  

Excited to share another room here soon!