Tuesday, July 5, 2016

all in a week.

all in a week, so many things have changed.
you decided to call the cat by her name, Sadie, not Sweetie anymore.
so I guess only daddy and I are calling her by her nickname you coined
you ate your first chicken, that wasn't in chicken apple sausage form
and besides needed to be bribed with bites of cherry
you ate it, and maybe enjoyed it?!?
you became potty trained, for reals.
people should really warn you that potty training is more like a 12-step program
sure, she's been potty trained since november, but people, we are really potty trained now
all steps and parts and ways and times
thank god she's an only, because I did not like particularly care for
that season of life
frankly, it sucked
I way too type A to walk around 'wet' and with baggies
of everything in my diaper bag
it just wasn't working
you also decided that you can use your cuteness to persuade
like big time
I've joked several times that you are going to be the token white kid
on our speech and debate team at school, because man, persuasion is real
you're newest phrase is, "well, aren't you just an adorable little mommy, or daddy, or nona"
whoever you are trying to win over
and seriously, it's the cutest, but many times it comes with some real
ulterior motives
and finally, you are on board with taking showers
which really makes you feel all too old for my liking
but man, is it convenient when we are constantly swimming in lakes and rivers and pools
one minute every evening and we are good, so I guess I'm ok with this big girl step

but man, all in a week.

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