Monday, September 26, 2016


in this moment:
right now, in this moment, I'm in love with your dream talks.  the other night we watched the fireworks in our backyard from the country club, and in the sweetest voice imaginable, you stated, "mommy, when I go to bed I'm going to make sure I dream of the fireworks in Disneyland tonight."  and I melted, in this moment. 

mom blogger note:  yes, we already started decorating for her birthday party, which is in exactly one month, because it is fun, and I work too many hours to wait until the last minute.  my house is going to be festive for days.  oh, and she's technically having a dia de los muertos party, so one half of my house is traditional halloween, and the other is super colorful!  this photo was a trial run for this photo wall, which is pretty much rocking my world right now, and it is not even done!

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