Monday, September 19, 2016

one last trip of summer [mini-film]

back in august, I was finally able to take a trip to see my sister and bianca before I went back to work. it is amazing how long summer feels when you talk about it, until you get super busy with little day trips, house projects, and a vacation or two sprinkled in there too, and before you know it, you are back in a staff development meeting.  but alas, there is always next summer.

ev and I loved our escape from the sacramento august heat, and gladly traded it in for some fog and wind.  typically, I am not a fan of san francisco weather, but by the end of summer, it sounds like the best idea ever.

besides the weather, san francisco can be a stressful destination, for me at least. between parking, and traffic, and having a public [clean] bathroom on hand, I've had many trips where I felt I was good on not going back to the city any time soon. yeah, I'm more of a suburb kind of girl. however, this trip was the complete opposite. it really was perfection. everything that day just worked out, and was SO freakin' easy.  parking right out front everywhere, most of the time is was completely free, didn't have a single bathroom emergency, and even found some super clean public ones I will keep on my travel list.  we also tried lots of new firsts for me in the city.

we picked up sandwiches at Lou's Cafe, and they were superb.  now I like a good sandwich, and I was very full after eating it, but it was the perfect full.  not the, okay, now I need to go lay down kind of full. and a word of advice, say yes to all the houses sauces, you won't be disappointed, and I'm not a real sauce kind of gal.

next we headed to Baker Beach - another first for me.  not sure how I've never been here, considering I've been to san francisco countless times.  the parking is free, and my only complaint was no 'regular' bathrooms.  but thankfully, we kept the kid just slightly dehydrated and we didn't have any issues while having a blast.

finally, we were ready for a rest and a sweet treat, of course.  after some serious conversations on the topic, we landed at Loving Cup.  okay, people, I'm a complete yogurt snob.  I try other yogurt, but it pretty much always ends with, well, it wasn't pinkberry.  however, this place was awesome, and just unique enough to make it a place I need to visit again.  it's frozen yogurt with toppings selected by you and mixed in to perfection.  kind of like if pinkberry met up with cold stone and had a mcflurry baby.  yeah, kind of like that.  and yes, my child's bite sizes are for real. there was no prompting like, "hey everly, why don't you try to take the tiniest bite of yogurt possible, just to make sure it isn't poison or something." yeah, I didn't say that.

so, pretty much I loved this day, and hope we can sneak away again soon.  and, have you heard that october in san francisco is the best month to visit weather wise?

well, now you have.  so let's go plan a trip.
end of summer in san francisco from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

thanks meg & bianca for being such great tour guides!

filmed on our sony a6000
music: the postal service - such great heights

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