Friday, July 28, 2017

our day in the magic kingdom [mini film]

there is always that moment.  that moment that just makes your heart feel happy.  one of those moments was while riding 'it's a small world' and everly kept asking me to make sure I got a picture of this or that, because she wanted to remember it just like that when she got home.

this trip was special in many ways, and I am so grateful for all the people who allowed this once in a lifetime experience to happen, especially my husband who held down the fort while I worked and played in florida.

everly tried so many new things this past week.  I think my favorite was when she was really trying hard to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  you should have seen her face trying to process peanut butter.  but she tried it.

she also tried roller coasters she's never attempted before.  riding thunder mountain railroad isn't featured because I was too worried she was going to be upset.  and sure enough, the entire ride it seemed like she was completely freaked out.  however, as soon as the train stopped, she was hysterically laughing and said how much fun it was.  so she's going to be 'that' kind of ride kid.  I think she gets it from her dad, not me.  however, the seven dwarfs mine train was another highlight.  one, because it is something unique to disney world, and isn't found in disneyland, but also, she loved it.  and even though she has the best ride face ever, she clearly loved it too!

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